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DJ Muro Mix Tapes & CDs

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Mixtapes and CDs by the King Of Diggin': DJ Muro.

*Heatin' System (Tape):
Originally released in the early 2000s, this re-issued masterpiece is the first release of the Heatin' System mixes which DJ Muro still continues to release new titles. A loungey all genre mix that seamlessly jumps from Disco, soul, pop and anywhere else.

*WKOD 1154 FM (Tape):
A radio style edit featuring songs from "The Golden Era of Hip Hop".
You can check out another of his Golden Era themed mix here too. ( when he appeared on a NYC radio show.

*"King Of Diggin'" O.S.T (Tape):
This 2010 tape is comprised entirely of rare groove samples sourced from 70's Japanese TV shows and movies.

*Conduct A Library Research (CD):
This 2 disk set features a mix by DJ Muro on side-A, and DJ Mitsu the Beats on side-B. Over 60 tracks between the 2, both with a focus on groovy soul, funk and jazz that became the sampling source for many classic & current tracks.

*Nippon Breaks & Beats 6 (CD):
The 6th installment of the popular all Japanese breaks & beats mix series.
DJ XXL is Muro's alter ego when he plays Wamono (Japanese stuff).